martina bossù - creative copywriter

her out

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pay the check and Stella Artois will 
pay attention to your safety.

half of women feel unsafe walking alone after dark. That's why, after a night out, 
they always check on each other, even if sometimes forget to do so. 
Stella Artois answers by making safety a seamless part of the night out routine, 
turning the act of paying the bill into a moment dedicated to ensuring women's 
safety. How? Whenever you settle the bill, our team will offer to monitor your 
journey back home from the bar.

cw - martina bossù
ad - marina maia meireles
mentor - victor sotero

clio awards 2024 - silver student direct
clio awards 2024 - bronze student innovation
clio awards 2024 - shortlist student experiential
young ones adc 2024 - merit advertising direct 
young ones adc 2024 - shortlist  integrated 
young ones adc 2024 - shortlist ooh & print